Some of you are already aware that by hosting a style session aka party, you have the opportunity to earn free and half off products while having fun with your friends, what’s not to love, right? Check out the hostess rewards!

A qualifying party starts at only $250

Did you know there are several ways to host a style session? Although home parties are the best way for you to maximize your hostess rewards, they are not the only way. Life is busy; as a mom of six, I get it. So, I am offering other ways to help you host a successful party.
I can mail you catalogs to pass around to your family and friends, create a party on social media, and combine the two with an online catalog party. Sounds easy enough, right? I only require a few things from YOU!

Which hostess are YOU?

You may be wondering what I expect you to do in order to have a successful Plunder Design Style Session/Party. First, I want you to share it with your friends by inviting them and sharing your newfound love for Plunder style. Second, I want you to get outside orders before the set party date. How? It’s easy, share the catalog or link and let the jewelry speak for itself. Third, engage on the social media pre-party page by posting images of yourself in your favorite Plunder piece and/or commenting each time your guest post on the party page. Remember, they don’t know me and will likely engage more with you whom they’re more comfortable with.


Get the girls together for dress up!
Use graphics like these to attract your friends to the Plunder Style

How many of you long for an evening out with the girls? Offer a style session at a local restaurant and bring Plunder Design catalogs to flip through. I’m sure Sara has that dress she’s been wanting to accessorize and Melinda is always looking for a new pair of earrings. How fun would it be to sit, sip, shop, and laugh with the girls? All the while, you’re earning free and discounted jewelry.

Share the party options with your friends! They can’t buy it ALL at your party, but can earn rewards by hosting one themselves