Model is wearing the Plunder Design Wells Earrings, Sedona Bracelet Set, and Cherie Necklace

It’s been a while since I sat down to write about my Plunder Design Jewelry addiction. Let’s just say 2020 has been…well…you already know 🙁

BUT…2020 has had at least one good thing…the new Plunder Design 2020 Fall Collection. It literally has so much goodness, it will let you slip away and forget about your face mask and social distancing stressors for at least a moment.

Let’s check it out!

This set SCREAMS “Fall is here” and is the perfect Plunder Pairing in the Plunder Design 2020 Fall Collection. The Plunder Design Cherie Necklace is 34.5-37.5″ adj and is has a gold bar with gorgeous orange marbled bars and gold beads to give it an edgy and unique look. That look is duplicated with the Plunder Design Sedona Bracelet Set.

In the Sedona Set, you get FIVE 6.5″ elastic bracelets with a mix of orange, green, and gold. My favorite is the green and gold bracelet; or the orange and gold. Heck, I can’t pick a favorite. I love them ALL and they look great together, worn separately, or even mixed with you other Plunder Design bracelet sets.

But, how about those Plunder Design Wells Earrings? I mean WOWSERS!!! They are absolutely perfect and will match everything…I pinkie promise. A rich brown double sided pair of 4″ diamond shaped earrings with designs are a MUST HAVE…trust me.

Like what you’ve seen so far? Let’s check out more of the 2020 Fall Collection.

Model is wearing the Plunder Design Berkley Bracelet Set- Set of four elastic multi-colored beads with frayed fabric tassel with the Plunder Design Cade Necklace- antique gold and silver circle links with gold toggle loop closure 36.25″ adj and the Plunder Design Floral Earrings (see more below)
Model is wearing Plunder Design Isla Rose Ear Climbers and Ansley Necklace

In the Plunder Design 2020 Fall Collection, there is so much more than the Fall color palette. Where are all of my Pearl Girls? This set is for you!

Oh yes, classic pearls with a little twist…literally. The Plunder Design Ansley Necklace has multi-strand pearls and bent gold rods with a diamond drop. It has it all and it gets better…it can be worn long 42″ or short 19″.

The model has paired the Ansley necklace with the Plunder Design Isla Rose Ear Climbers to complete her on trend, yet classic look. The Isla Rose Ear Climbers have clusters of pearls set in gold and are so comfortable. But, let’s imagine for a second that you’re not into ear climbers as I suspect some of you may not be. The 2020 Fall Collection has something for you too! Let’s check out more of the classic earring styles Plunder has brought this season.

Plunder Design never disappoints when it comes to diversity in options. I guarantee there will be something to fit everyone’s style in the 2020 Fall Collection.

The earring shown above prove my point. The Plunder Design Declan 3″ Earrings are so original with their gold decorative shapes with pearl petals and pearl drop. I’ve never seen anything like them which is one of the things I love about Plunder Design Jewelry.

In the middle you see the London 2.75″ gold and white decorative filagree earrings. I think the picture says it all…BEAUTIFUL!

Finally, let’s talk about the Plunder Design Mariana 1.75″ gold hoop with it’s pearl drop. These must have been EVERYONE’S favorite because they sold out within the first week. No worries, Plunder Design has a Backorder option to guarantee you get what you want girl…and you WANT these earrings!

Model is wearing the Plunder Design 4″ Mocha Earrings light brown macramé on a silver hoop with the Plunder Design Avalon Necklace- burgundy boho style cord with silver beads 54.5″ adj

You didn’t think I was going to leave my Boho Lovers out did you? When I said Plunder Design BROUGHT IT with the 2020 Fall Collection, I meant it!!

Pull out your Fedoras and denim jackets and let’s accessorize!! I have a few more looks I want to show you.

The Fall 2020 Collection is my new favorite collection. I know, I know…I say that every time…and every time I MEAN IT!!! Check out the Plunder Design Floral 1.75″ clay horseshoe earrings. I don’t know what category of style to put these in. Boho? Vintage? Must Have? Yep, I’m putting them in the Must Have Category along with Joelle and Zach.

The Plunder Design Joelle Necklace is currently my favorite out of the 2020 Fall Collection. It has it all…multi-colors, a silver cross and leaf charm, a lobster claw to hang your favorite Plunder Design Pendant and can be worn long or short. WOW!! Talk about a lot of bang for your buck!!

And what about the unique wooden Plunder Design 2″ Zach Earrings? These are just in time for the new fashion trends with their unique crescent shape and decorative zebra like stripes, they’re the perfect pair of earring to mix you color and print patterns.

I already know what Fedora I’m going to wear with each piece! EEEEEK…two of my favorite things together. Plunder Design Jewelry and HATS!

Dazzle With Daphne

Those are just a few of my favorites from the 2020 Fall Collection. Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to join me on Facebook for Tune In Tuesday every week at 7:00pm CST for lots of fun and Dazzling Deals!! Like and Follow my Business Page- Dazzle With Daphne.

Until next time… DAZZLE ON!!!