Beau Necklace, Shyla Earrings, & Ireland Bracelet Set

I’m absolutely in love with these items together.  The Shyla earrings premiered in the 2018 Plunder Design Catalog and were so hot they were released in the 2019 Catalog as well. 

They are a mix of gold and rose gold leather in the shape of a teardrop and will look good with any hairstyle or neckline.

In addition to the Shyla earrings, I have pictured the Plunder Design Beau necklace.  This bolero necklace has light gray beads on a gold chain with a peach stone pulling it all together for a simply perfect style.  Attached to the peach stone the double gold chain hangs down with two teardrop light gray stones.

To complete this look, I added the Ireland Set.  It is a set of two, one gold and one silver  antique bangles.  These are must haves in my growing Plunder Design Jewelry collection.